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Orange County Organization

We are pleased to tell you that entrepreneurs from different geographic areas within Orange County have shown their interest in being part of our organization. For this reason, we have decided to make efforts to organize Referral Groups and attract new members in the following areas: Hunters Creek, Avalon Park, Semoran Boulevard, Winter Park, Down Town Orlando and Winter Park.


For this project to be successful we need to have leaders like you who can contribute to the formation of these new groups. The advantages that this opportunity offers to the participant members are: they will be able to expose their particular businesses to new potential clients; they will continue to develop their leadership skills, and they will be able to express their positive experiences within the PRCCCF.


On the other hand, we will appreciate if you refer us to businesspersons from these areas who are interested in being part of the PRCCCF.


Members who wish to voluntarily participate in the project, as well as those businesses owners or representatives who are interested in being part of the PRCCCF can contact Mr. Gustavo Torres, director of Orange County Referral Groups, or the subscriber for further information.


We count on your support.


Together We Will Achieve More!



Edgar Vázquez Cruz                                          Gustavo Torres

VP PRCCCF                                                       Director Orange County Leads Groups

932 E Osceola Parkway                                     932 E Osceola Parkway                  

Kissimmee, FL 34747                                         Kissimmee, FL 34747

(407)749-4017                                                    (407)937-9640                                                                                        

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