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President's Letter 2023 PRCCCF

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First, I would like to wish everyone a blessed, healthy, and prosperous new year 2023!!


As we begin a new chapter for your Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida, we reflect on a difficult journey that was 2022 for many of our members and businesses. Many businesses have seen and experience the effects of inflation and the increase in interest rates by the Fed. We’ve seen rising costs of goods and fuel due to a war taking place thousands of miles away. There has been changes in Latin America’s geopolitical make up and many challenges to the global economy. Still our small and medium size businesses have shown the resiliency that characterizes our community and our organization.


This new year brings a new and fresh look to our Executive Board thanks to all of you who exercised the right to vote and elected your leadership for the next two years. Your choices also provide continuity to long-term projects our leadership team has been working hard at to open new opportunities for our members to expand and grow their business. I am excited to work with our new Secretary, Angeline Montijo; and our new Treasurer, Deisamar De Soto-Torres; both of whom bring a much need it Woman perspective and energy to our team. Best of all, you can become more involved in the businesses of the chamber by taking on leadership positions, and by getting involve in one of the committees in areas like community affairs, education, business development, advocacy, event coordination, and the many volunteer opportunities throughout the year.


We are in a global era; therefore, you can expect new and innovative ways to provide value and growth to our members and business partners to compete and expand locally and globally. There will be new opportunities to market your business to new and diverse communities around the region; as well as to influence and impact public policies that affect our lives. But you also can enjoy our iconic events like Premios El Josco, the Mes de la Mujer celebration, the Future Leaders Scholarship Golf Tournament, and the Small Business Expo.


Let’s this be the year we reap the harvest of all the seeds we’ve sown during our entrepreneurial journey, and the year we reach new goals and fulfill our dreams. Let’s this be the year that we raise our Voice of the Small Business community in Central Florida!


Sincerely Yours,

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