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Deisamar De Soto-Torres


Deisamar De Soto-Torres, is an active member in Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Metro Orlando. Former President of the Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce in Central Florida Kissimmee Lead Group. She has a MBA in Marketing from the University of Phoenix. She worked at Empresas Cordero Badillo, Inc. dba GRANDE Supermarket’s headquarters in Puerto Rico for 11 years and then joined Wyndham Condado Plaza Hotel & Casino where she worked for 5 years until deciding to take time off for her daughter. At the same time, Deisamar with her husband Gustavo, owned and operate for five years a Mailboxes Etc. franchise (now a UPS store) that became the second most profitable store in PR.


In October 2004 she became the manager of his husband CPA firm in Puerto Rico. Her responsibilities include customer service, human resources management, marketing, and general administration. In 2010 she moved to Orlando, FL and continue working at the newly opened CPA office in Florida State by Gustavo Torres. Since 2013, Deisamar is in charge of Accounting & Compliance, Inc. company dedicated to maintaining the accounting and compliance matters in order while the clients focus on their core business. On 2014, Deisamar started a non-profit organization called From My Closet to Shine to help high school seniors with limited financial resources to participate in their senior prom. In this organization they select student to be sponsored by entrepreneur in our community. They assist in the cost of their gown, accessories and the event. As of 2019 the organization has helped 16 students to attend their prom.


On 2015 became the Treasurer for Hispanic American Professional Business Woman Association (HAPBWA) and on 2017 was selected as a HAPBWA’s President. As a HAPBWA’s President, Deisamar achieving a goal of doubling the membership from 50 to 110 members, also achieved alliances with important entities in Florida and worldwide such as “Consulado de Mexico”, Dillard’s, Walmart, Wyndham Worldwide, Walt Disney, Florida Diversity Business Council, etc. As a consequence of the long time dealing with small and medium business issues, and originally as an initiative that born at the HCCMO Hunters Creek Lead group, on 2015 she started and become host of a unique business radio/facebook program under the name “Haciendo Negocios” to discuss important information for small and medium businesses. During the past year, she has interviewed important business professionals from different industries in private and public area. Some of the companies’ are: HBIF, SBA, HCCMO, realtors, attorneys, doctors, among others prominent people. In her free time, Deisamar love go to the beach, visit new places, spend time with her family and friends, read, and help others.

Deisamar got married in 1992 with Gustavo Torres and have two lovely kids. Throughout their marriage, they have been together in life and business with one thing in mind, to be authentic people who treat everyone around them as part of their family. Their main objective is to help every customer who visits their office and bring the best service to all of them. As a leader, I help the church and community, which is one of her passion, and that is one of her reason to have a radio program and educate professionals and business owners, as well.

Deisamar philanthropic trajectory:

  • Osceola Pregnancy Center - since 2017 to present. Volunteer 2017 at present to provide items for mothers and babies who need (wet wipes, baby clothes, baby equipment, disposable diapers, among others) Contribute donations

  • From My Closet to Shine - created by this server since 2014 - dress fourth year students for their senior prom from head to toe (get makeup, hairstyle, nail and toe grooming, dress, accessories, senior prom access locker , photographer, transportation) Specifically for Freedom High School

  • Volunteer at Iglesia del Niño at First Baptist Church in Kissimmee - 2014 to present - assist teachers during portion of service with children

  • Volunteer at Feed & Fortify - 2016 present serving and providing food to those in need

  • Volunteer with Harry Pecunia - 2016 to the present donate food to the homeless and donate toys to be gifted at Christmas

  • Part of the Ministry of the Family in the Iglesia Catedral de la Esperanza in PR - 1999 to 2013 - organize retreats and conferences to strengthen the family

  • Coordinator of the Children's Church in the Cathedral of Hope 2004-2009 Coordinate events and activities for children. Coordinate weekly activities for the spiritual development of children. Coordinate summer camp 2009

  • Part of the Ministry of Marriages and the Ministry of Children in the Iglesia Centro de la Familia Cristiana in Orlando 2011-2013

  • Amigos del Orlando Ballet 2019 to present. A volunteer group created with the purpose of promoting awareness and appreciation of Orlando Ballet within the Hispanic/Latino community, contributing to its financial strength, and providing volunteer support. This group page is private and by invitation only.

  • Also, in her personal character, she serves as a mentor to other women who are starting their entrepreneurship. Walk step by step and invest time and effort in providing knowledge, guidance and tools that can benefit the start of the new entrepreneur.

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